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Occupational Therapy Assessment Programme

Dr. S.K. Meena, BOT,MOT(principal and professor Mahatma Gandhi Occupational therapy College, Convener- All India Occupational Therapists Association, Rajasthan branch) visited CDH and worked at CDH on voluntary basis from the 4th to the 6th of August. He assessed 21  kids. The assessment process started before his arrival based on the duly filled sensory profiles which had been couriered to him. The assessment in the centre took place for one hour and the question time for parents was another half an hour. He provided a standard detailed report for each child who was assessed.

It was a highly successful program conducted by CDH. We have received impressive feedback from parents whose kids got assessed

The training programme and equipment was donated by the Hadassah and Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The academics of Hadassah and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Visited the centre to train our local staff further.